Libramont Fair

The Libramont agricultural, forestry and agri-food fair is a huge open-air exhibition that welcomes more than 200,000 visitors, along with 1,800 exhibitors and brands, on a site covering 300,000 m² every year.

A unique event 

It is an outstanding showcase for the rural world, which it presents from many different angles: machinery, livestock breeding, forestry, the agri-food industry, horticulture, research, education and culture.

It is a “green” fair, thanks to its sustainable management. Attention focuses on recycling, re-vegetation of the site and renewable energy.   

These approaches make this event unequalled throughout Europe.

A multifaceted event

Libramont is held on the last weekend of July every year. Every other year, it is followed by Demo Forest, and every four years by Mowing Demonstrations. The next edition of the Fair will take place from 24 to 27 July 2015.



Thank you for being part of this exceptional edition; you were 215,869 in all!


Make your life easier: the train (Brussels-Namur-Luxembourg line) stops in Libramont, just 10 minutes on foot from the Fairgrounds (shuttles available).

Take advantage of a B-Excursion starting at €12.60, entrance included. Find out more at:

Code 601 

The 2014 Libramont Fair

Preparations are already well underway for the 2014 Libramont Fair!  The theme for the 80th edition, held from July 25th to 28th, is “The CAP for Dummies”.

The goal is to explain the Common Agricultural Policy in a simple, entertaining and educational way. 

Grass Day

This year, like every four years since 2002, the Fair will be followed by International Grass Day, a day of mowing demonstrations.

 The day’s events will be held on Tuesday, July 29th on 50 hectares in Bras-Haut in the municipality of Libramont, adjacent to the municipality of Saint-Hubert. The goal is to provide companies with an opportunity to demonstrate the assets and special characteristics of their equipment under real working conditions.

Cash withdrawals at the fairground

You can withdraw money via the "CBC/KBC bus”, a real mobile bank branch. 

Cash can be withdrawn with all bank cards:
- Bancontact
- Visa
- Mastercard
- Etc.

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