Practical information

Opening times

The Fair is open from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm

Electronic payment at ticket offices

Credit/debit cards can be used at the fairground entrances.

Cash withdrawals at the fairground

You can withdraw money via the “CBC/KBC bus”, a real mobile bank.



For a fun visit to Libramont Fair, why not try out our theme-based play park, watch the various animal competitions (Competition Ring), the horse-riding shows (Grand Ring) or the general procession (Grand Ring), or take part in the competition of the Future, etc.

Here’s a smart idea: don’t hesitate to ask for a little "Spa" bracelet for your child as you enter the fairground. Write your name and your mobile phone number on it. It could be useful should you lose sight of them...

Babies’ area

In front of the forum (area 37). You will find comfortable facilities where you can change babies’ nappies, freshen them up and feed them in peace and quiet. This area is run by the nursery nurses of the Aline Bernard crèche in Libramont. Our partner Spadel provides all the equipment, such as babies’ bottles, bibs, etc. for you free of charge.


Belgian Luxembourg Tourist Federation +32 84 41 10 11

Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie, specialist in gîtes and guest rooms 


All dogs must be kept on a lead.  for breeds listed as "dangerous" dogs must wear a muzzle.


Little cuts and bruises, minor ailments or urgent health problems? A full medical team is in attendance on the site and can take care of you immediately.


There are numerous options available.

  • Restaurant HALL1
    Situated in HALL 1 on floor 1, terrace with a view of the Grand Ring capacity 110 covers indoors - 180 covers on the terrace and 105 covers on the mezzanine with a view of the exhibition. 
  • Café des prés HALL 2
    Located in Hall 2 near the livestock exhibits, brasserie, light meals, ... -
  • Restaurant "La ferme au champs"
    Self-service situated close to the competition Rings and in the dedicated green spaces zone - capacity 400 covers - speciality: beef limousin
  • Restaurant Jumping arena
    Service Traiteur Christophe DEOM
  • Ardenne joyeuse : local produce for carry out or to be eaten on site.

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